Thursday, May 14, 2015

Wedding for Kassandra and Andre

When we first arrived in Brazil we stayed in a small bed and breakfast run by Kassandra.  We stayed there for two weeks until we could move into our apartment.  Kassandra is a lovely lady and has live in Canada for 21 years, so she speaks perfect English.  We became very close friends with her and she helped us with many things as we were getting settled.  She was living with Andre, her boyfriend, and we encouraged them to get married.  Finally they decided to tie the knot in a simple civil ceremony.  They invited us to participate along with a small group of friends.  On Thursday night we went by their house to help prepare the decorations.  She had asked for a cake platter as a wedding gift so she could use it in her bed and breakfast.  Heidi mad a cake with their initials on it to put on the platter.

On Friday we went to the location for the civil wedding with the small group of friends. 
This is Kassandra and Andre with her daughter Angelique.

 This is the justice of the peace that performed the wedding. 
 Notice the heels she was wearing.

 This is back in their front yard

 This was their wedding cake.
 Notice how beautifully everything was decorated.

 Kassandra had name plates for each of the tables.
 This is their family; Andre has three kids from a previous marriage and Kassandra has one girl.

 These are some of the friends they had at their home for dinner.

They are planning a honeymoon for next January and a church wedding with 450 guests for next year.  Traditions and what is acceptable is quiet different down here.

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