Thursday, May 14, 2015

Recent Happenings

The Porto Alegre Temple Presidency and Matrons came to Gramado to celebrate the first counselor's 40th wedding anniversary.  They invited us to join them for a dinner, where we had the fondue.  They have three courses for the fondue here, the first being melted cheese with bread, potatoes and vegetables to dip, the second being a hot stone where you cook chicken, beef and pork that they bring with lots of different sauces to put on the meat, and the third is melted chocolate with wafers and lots of different fruits to dip.  After dinner the group all came to our apartment for ice cream.  In the first picture on the right is President Warthen, first counselor President Brehm, and second counselor President Marques.  Across the table are their respective wives.
We had a new baby born to one of the inactive sisters in the Branch, Mirian Ferreira.  In this picture he is just 3 days old and is so cute with his thick black hair.
We still find the architecture a little strange here and very interesting.  Here are some more pictures of interesting houses.  Even a slight tremor and this house would fall down.

In this house, which is a duplex, we had a family home evening with a young couple that just found out the wife is pregnant.  We are working on getting them married. They live on the blue side.

These are some interesting colors on the houses.  That is our car in front of the red house.
This purple one we thought Courtney would like since purple is her favorite color.

In April of 2013 Heidi and I took a trip through southern Brazil with a group of missionaries that had served here in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.  While on that trip we went through Gramado and decided that this was where we wanted to serve our mission.  Another tour group of these old ex missionaries just came through Gramado again, only it was a very small group, just four couples and the guide and driver.  The guide, Marcio, was the same guide we had on our bus when we were doing the tour.  He joined the church on our tour and is still active.  We had a good reunion with him
These are the four couples.

Marcio with the bus driver.
We held a small fireside for them where they could meet some of our members.  Here is a couple with Clara, one of our fantastic youth.
We had a recent Family Home Evening with the Clodoaldo Kemerich family show below.  We are getting them active again after 14 years away from the church.

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