Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Marriage Ceremony

One of my duties as Branch President is to perform marriages.  We have a young couple in our branch, Moroni and Kethlyn who are both 19, that needed to get married since they have been living together for the past six month.  They asked me to perform the wedding ceremony for them.  They decorated our chapel and invited lots of friends. First the groom came down the isle with the mother of the bride.
They were followed by the wedding guest selected to be the witnesses.

 Then came the ring bearer and flower girl followed by the bride and her father.  She was in a beautiful white dress with a long train.

 After the ceremony the family of the bride had invited all the guests to a buffet restaurant for dinner.  We took a few pictures of the happy couple.

 The bride and groom walked around the restaurant posing for pictures with each table.
 This was their wedding cake they had on display at the restaurant.

It was my first time performing a wedding ceremony so I was a little nervous, but things went well.

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