Monday, April 20, 2015

Recent Events

While driving the Egberts home to Canela, the Egberts had Heidi drive them to make a delivery to a member.  Heidi was impressed with the houses in this neighborhood and thought you would like to see what the houses looked like.  You will notice they are mostly small and have very bright colors.

Also in Canela is the large Stone Cathedral. This is the view from the front.
A view from the side.
A view from the back.

And a view from inside.

Last weekend we had a special district conference where a new District President was called.  His name is Paulo Zoccoli from Taquara.  We are anxious to get to know him better and to work with him.  On Saturday while President and Sister Wright were here in Gramado for the conference, we took them to one of our favorite restaurants called Berga Motta.  It is way down in a valley between Gramado and Canela about 10 miles down a dirt road.  It is in a park called Ecoparque Sperry, which is a ecological park with trials through the woods with names of the various types of trees posted on signs.  This is the road we drive along to get to the park.

Once in the park the restaurant is down a trail and is just a little building in the middle of the forest.


They have a beautiful selection of plates to choose from in their salad bar.

There is then a large selection of hot dishes and meats to choose from.
 After the meal then you go to the desert bar to finish off.

The tables we like are in an open veranda with beautiful views of the forest around.

The owner is a wonderful lady that wants to make sure everything is just right.

After eating we then talk a beautiful walk through the woods to a beautiful waterfall.



At the District Conference we had a special closing number by the fulltime missionaries here in the district.
Last week we had a young couple, Vanessa and Ricardo Nacarado, over to our house for dinner, and we then taught them how to play Qwirkle.  They were getting ready to go to the temple for Vanessa to receive her endowments.  They thought it would be fun to set up all the pieces like dominos and tip them all over.  It didn't work well, but was fun trying.

We went with them to the temple in Porto Alegre on Friday.
While waiting for the time for our session we walked through a very modern mall and they had these beautiful orchids.  You can see some of the mall behind the orchids.

Tonight we had another one of our beautiful sunsets just outside our back door.