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Relief Society Birthday Party

Saturday March 21, 2015

Heidi is the District Relief Society President for the Gramado District and therefore put together a Relief Society Birthday Celebration for the District in March.  There are five branches in the district and all came together for the big celebration. There were several activities for the sisters to participate in.  One activity, sponsored by the Egberts, was painting boards and putting sayings on them.  There were three colors of paint to use and three sayings to choose from.

The sisters enjoyed their time painting and got together for a group shot afterward with their finished products.


The Taquara Branch sponsored a crochet display and demonstrated the craft.

 Sister Kathlyn Egbert purchased a shawl to take back to the U.S.

 The Petropolis Branch sponsored a health and fitness class using the Royal Canadian Air Force exercise program.  The sisters loved learning about how to stay fit and tried some of the exercises.  The Hortencias Branch sponsored a Zoomba class and the sisters loved it.


 The Sao Francisco de Paula Branch also displayed some crochet.
The Gramado Branch decorated the Cultural Hall and also did a cake baking demonstration, with the cakes being used for the dessert after lunch.

 Heidi had given each branch a giant poster board to prepare a picture board of each of the sisters in the branches, with the theme "No Sister Forgotten" or in Portuguese "Nenhuma Irma Esquecida".  In the chapel before lunch Heidi gave a short history of the Relief Society and then had the sisters vote on which picture board was the prettiest for a prize, and also gave a prize for the board with the most pictures on it.  Here are two of the boards.
The sisters all brought food for the lunch of lasagna, salads, bread and drinks, which was very popular.  And they all enjoyed the cake for dessert.

One sister made a beautiful cake with the Relief Society Motto "Charity Never Faileth" on it, in Portuguese of course.

Sister Janete displayed some of the beautiful crochet work that she had done.
Sisters Ann and Kathryn Egbert are pictured with Janete Miranda below.

Heidi prepared a gift bag for each of the sisters with some homemade cookies, candy and a refrigerator magnetic strip with her theme scripture for the year, D&C 81:5-6, printed on them with four different backgrounds.

Heidi had arranged for each branch to bring two of their young women to watch kids in a nursery, leaving the sisters free to participate in the activities.
All in all it turned out to be a very successful party with everyone having a great time.  Even with sisters having to come from as far as 40 kilometers away, the turnout was great.  The sisters will remember this event for a long time.
Young Women New Beginnings
The Gramado Branch sponsored a New Beginnings night the same day as the Relief Society Birthday Party.  We have a small Young Women's program in the branch, but all the active young women showed up for their program.

 Mocas is the Portuguese word for Young Women.
The theme this year was "Embarking" on a new year, so they had a cake with the little boat embarking.


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