Monday, April 20, 2015

A Mina

Replica of Amethyst Mine

For one of our P-day activities we went with the Egberts to see a replica of an amethyst mine.  This was never a real mine, just a replica of what a mine was like.  A man named Mr. Tomassini loved to collect rocks and was fascinated with the geodes that produced amethyst.  After collecting for years he decided to display his collections in a replica of a mine where the amethysts are found.  Following are some pictures of the collection.

 They make some beautiful things out of the rocks.

 The following one looks like a shark missing a few teeth.

There were a few other types of rocks besides the amethyst.

 Following are some of the rocks Mr. Tomassini collected.

 You can see how large some of the rocks were that this man collected and the size of the geodes.

We found out the if we paid for a buffet lunch at the restaurant next to the mine we could get a free tour of the amethyst mine.  So we all had a wonderful lunch before we went on the tour of the mine. Here are some pictures of the buffet.

The buffet also includes all you can eat meat that is freshly barbequed. 

Outside the restaurant was a small lake with a lot of white geese swimming around.  They liked to play follow the leader.

There was also a swan paddle boat that was floating free in the lake.

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