Monday, April 6, 2015


For one of our P-Day activities we went with the Egberts to Snowland.  Snowland is an indoor area where they have tried to create a winter environment in an area where they don't have winter.  We felt that they did a fine job of making you feel like you were somewhere where it is cold and snowy.  This is a picture of the outside of the building and inside the front entrance.
The admission is usually about US $30.00, but for one week each year the admission is just two kilos of food.  As poor missionaries we took advantage of the two kilos of food admission.  There were lots of other people taking advantage of this as well, and Snowland collected lots of food as you can see in the pictures.

We went in wearing light summertime clothing. 

There were so many people in line we were not sure everyone could make it in.

Once we were through the admission area we were sent to the clothing area.  They give each person a full set of winter clothing to put on all sized to fit; a helmet, coat, snow pants, boots and gloves. Our personal stuff we put in a locker.

We then went through a divider into the cold area.

They have a little hill you can ski or snowboard on, but you have to pay an extra US $20 to rent the equipment.  We did not feel it was worth it for that small hill you can see on the right.

There is a small tubing hill that is free and we all tried that.

There is one area where they tell the story of a snow giant and have a presentation where it starts to snow.

They have several replicas of animals that lived in the snow.

There were some bumper cars on ice that we had a lot of fun with.

There was ice skating but we decided not to try it for fear of falling down and breaking something.

All in all we had a fun time and felt that it was a great place for Brazilians that have never seen snow before.  After Snowland we went to lunch at Subway, one of two American eateries in Gramado, the other being McDonald's.  Outside the Subway is a Fountain of Eternal Love.  People put their names on locks and attach them to the fence around the fountain.

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