Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Last Day with the Egberts

For our last day with the Egberts, we all went on a hike to a waterfalls that is located on the big ranch where the youth spent their summer retreat.  It is called Fazenda Sonho Meu (My Dream Farm).  The owner wanted to show us the waterfalls there that the youth never had time to hike to when they were camping there.  Following are some of the pictures of the hike through the woods and at the waterfall.

Kathlyn Egbert wanted to go behind the waterfall, so the owner helped her get across the stream and back behind the falls.

 Merl Egbert then joined her and took advantage of that romantic spot.

 This is the owner helping them back across the stream.

The following pictures is where the youth had set up their tents when they camped at the farm.  It is a beautiful location and we thoroughly enjoyed our hike to the falls.  It was a great way for the Egberts to finish their little six month mission.  David and Ann Egbert came back on tourist visas about a year and a half after completing their 23 month full time mission.  Merl and Kathlyn Egbert came along, even though they didn't know any Portuguese.  They are now considering a full time mission down here.
After the hike we all went to the house of Teresinha and David Keller for lunch. They have a cute little house out in the country close to Canela.


Teresinha had prepared a beautiful lunch for us all.

After lunch we went back to the Egberts' apartment and helped them get all their luggage to the bus depot.  They loaded all their luggage on the bus and are now gone.  We will miss them and all the fun outings we had with them on our P-days.

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  1. What a beautiful waterfall and hike!! It looks so much like PNG - a tropical paradise!