Thursday, May 14, 2015

More Activities

Our branch put on a Mothers' Day dinner at a club house where on of our members lives.  These are some pictures of the event.

 This is Altanizio Lima, the first Branch President in Gramado, now returning to activity after 20 years away from the church.

 We have a tree in front of our condo that had a bunch of dead branches on it.  We were afraid one of them would fall on our car,  which we park right under the tree.  They came out and cut the dead branches yesterday.  It is hard to see the worker in the tree because it is covered with ivy. 

After they finished cutting the dead branches the tree looks much better.  We also had our interphone connected yesterday after a wait of almost seven months.  We live in a gated community and no one could contact us from the gate until now.  They also fixed our phone line which was full of static.  Slowly we are getting things taken care of.  We love our condo.

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