Monday, November 3, 2014

Update as of November 3rd

We were finally able to move into our new apartment on Monday October 27th.  It is a beautiful little townhouse with three floors.  We will show the pictures and explain a little about each.  We live in a complex of 10 townhomes, the first eight are connected, then there is a break and the last two are connected.  We are in the very last one.  Our address is Rua Carlos Lengler Filho 173, No 10.  This picture shows our parking spot, which is right in front of our door.  You can see that there is a lot of vegetation in the lot next to ours.
This is our front door.

When you enter the front door you are in our small living room with the dining room, kitchen and guest bath all together.
Here is another view of the dining area and the kitchen.
The back door goes out into a little back yard and then there is a big yard area to the side of our unit.

This is looking out the front door and also a picture showing the fireplace in the living room.

On the second floor we have the master bedroom with a fireplace, a bathroom, and a lovely view looking over the forest next door.


The hall goes down to the second bedroom and a second bathroom.

There is a stairway in the hall going up to the third floor, where there is a big tub with jets, a balcony and a store room.
We really love the place and were very happy to get moved in.  It is only one block from the church, which makes it nice for getting to meetings.
They start celebrating Christmas on the 1st of November with a big celebration called Natal Luz (Christmas Lights), with fireworks twice a week and a beautiful celebration of singing and music on the little lake that is just across the main road from the church.


We have been finding a few very large spiders and bugs in and around our apartment so we want to share some pictures of them with you.

We do a lot of walking around the town to visit people and we pass by the city hall sometimes.  It is such a beautiful building we wanted to share a picture.
We are still working out the contract on our lease and have had to do a lot of shopping to get what we need for our apartment.  We have purchased a washer, dryer, vacuum, blender, bedside lamps, and of course food.  We are still having problems getting our internet connected and the washer dryer are supposed to be installed today.  When all these things are done we will have much more time to spend on making visits.  We are supposed to hear this week about approval on buying a car.  We spend a lot of time walking and could be much more productive with a car, so we are hoping for the approval.  In the mean time we enjoy walking around this beautiful town.

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  1. Yay, such fun pictures. Looks like a great place you guys got - well minus those gigantic spiders!! I think I would die!! Glad things are all coming together with your living arrangements, and soon you'll be able to just focus solely on the work. Everyone here keeps asking about you and wanting to know how you're doing. They all miss you!!