Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mission Training Center (MTC)

After our first day we settled into a routine of classes in the morning and afternoon.  We were free most evenings, with a devotional Tuesday evening where Elder Brent Nielson from the Seventy spoke to us.  It was a great talk motivating us in our missionary endeavors.

All the senior missionary couples met in the Stadium Avenue Chapel just outside the fence from the MTC campus for our training. Here is a picture of the chapel and the building we were staying in right behind it.
There were 40 senior couples and 4 senior sisters in our group for training this week.  We were divided into smaller groups called districts for the training classes.  Our district had four couples, Hales, Ellis, Libutti and Copa. In the morning we were instructed by Brother Zundel with Brother Smith assisting.

Here is all of our district with Elder Zundel.
 In the afternoon we were instructed by Sister Pace. Here is our picture with her.
On our breaks we would walk around the chapel and enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery.

 We had all our meals in the MTC cafeteria which was in the main building on campus.  It was a very large room that would seat about 2000 people.  There were many choices of food and they were very efficient at serving all those people.  We were not allowed to take pictures in the cafeteria, so we tried one through the small window on the door, which does not show a lot.
Also in the main building was the map of the world where pictures can be taken showing where your mission is located.  Here are ours.
There was also a map showing all 34 missions in Brazil.
We took a few pictures showing the security gate and a small part of the campus.
On Wednesday evening we went across the street to the Provo Temple for a session.  Here is a picture of the temple from the grounds of the MTC.

We had a wonderful week and learned many things that will help us while on our mission.  We are now back at Kimberly's for the week-end where we have been getting together with family to say our good-byes.  We have one more family gathering today after church and will then finish our packing and fly out of Salt Lake City tomorrow for Brazil. 


  1. Very cool pictures! I can't believe you're flying out tomorrow!! Brazil, here you come!!

  2. It was great to see you Sunday! Jodi and I wish you the best, hope you had a great flight down and can't wait to hear what happens next!